DJ package lights that have intelligence

First of all, let’s take a look into the past before LED lighting and intelligent lights were around. What was the light of choice for DJs back then? Well, most DJs would opt for a set of ‘can’ lights. This meant a lamp that you would put a color filer in front of. Yes it was old school, over-heated and clumsy and also heavy too. But there’s another thing to consider here - that is the dimmer packs that were used to operate these old school DJ lights. Luckily, things have moved on in the world of stage lighting and intelligent lights coupled with LED technology have rapidly overtaken the old lamps.

Learn on the old lamps… or don’t

There are quite a few experts in stage lighting that agree that beginners could and should learn on the old style lamps and dimmer technology. And I myself agree with them because in doing so you would really get to learn the true basics of DJ package lighting technology.

But, like many DJs who have sold off their turntables and replaced them with midi controllers, you can also learn very quickly how to set up and use effective DJ lighting packages by purchasing a modern rig that is capable of doing a multitude of tasks. What makes these lights intelligent is that they can move to the sound of the music, can be voice activated and can change their RGB color mix as often and as wondrously as one would require.

Also in the old days you would be required to attend each light and alter the setting to either change its color if it was an RGB light or to set the dimmer or sync it with the beat of the music. Well you don’t have to do that anymore with modern day beginner dj rigs. There’s also the DMX modes that we should mention here with new rigs. What the DMX mode means is that you can use a DMX controller to… you guessed it, control the lighting system.